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MSVS’s Hand Book of Schemes of the Central Government

Manav Sadhan Vikas Sanstha presents this immensely valuable compilation of the various well-meaning schemes of the Central Government, which have been designed to provide assistance for developmental activities across the country.

When he was a Member of Parliament representing the Rajapur Parliamentary constituency (comprising of 8 blocks of Sindhudurg district and 3 blocks of Ratnagiri district of the Maharashtra State), Mr. Suresh Prabhu, chairman, MSVS, interacted with his constituents at close quarters. He found that people were clueless about the schemes being implemented by the various ministries and organizations under the Central Government, which were in fact, meant to help the different sections of the society to find solutions to their pressing problems. One of the major obstacles in these schemes reaching the end users is the lack of knowledge about these schemes among those for whom they are designed.

To bridge this gap, Mr. Prabhu bunched together about 290 main schemes of assistance by the Central government and published it in a book form. The schemes have been categorized into seven sections. First six categories pertain to the six target groups that MSVS services in its initial project area- the Sindhudurg- Ratnagiri resource region. These six target groups are women, farmers, fishermen, ex-servicemen, backward classes and youth. The schemes have been arranged in such a way that makes for easy accessibility and understanding. For instance the section dedicated to women describes all the schemes relevant to this target group, and another one on farmers have information about schemes pertaining to that group. The seventh group includes schemes, which are targeted to more than one group or to all people.

MSVS now makes this compendium available to all so that maximum number of persons may benefit. They may use this valuable information for their own development, development of their community and finally the nation.